The story starts when our super stylish founder Louisa decided to leave her job as a Jewellery Buyer to find the man of her dreams.  A real traveller at heart, she was inspired by Eastern Asia; feeling a real connection with the people as well as her love of the relaxed lifestyle. She went off travelling and once she had found her man, decided she could not go back home and work in a job where she wasn’t calling the shots. And so...Orelia was born!


Orelia began as a Consultancy working with lovely brands such as Accessorize. During this time, Louisa recognised there was a real gap in the market for jewellery that was between High Street and designer level. Jewellery that used semi precious components and beads, combined with beautiful charms and amazing Swarovski elements yet at a price that wouldn't break the bank. Orelia, the jewellery brand began, first showing at Pure womenswear in 2007. 


With such potential and an amazing reaction to the Orelia brand at Pure, Louisa quickly became exhausted with the pace and never ending workload that came with launching the brand, on top of  buying a house and getting married to the man! She needed help, fast!


Enter Collette, an old friend and fellow Jewellery Buyer from the early days where they met working at Accessorize. In India, over a very long lunch with a back drop of beautiful colonial crumbling buildings,  peacocks and technicolour, Louisa convinced Collette that they should go into partnership.  Luckily she agreed and in April 2008 Louisa and Collette joined forces!


Also super stylish, Collette is the homespun craft lover who adds organisation to the dynamic Louisa.  With Collette on board creating super duper spreadsheets, Orelia went from strength to strength. 


Next stop was Topshop. The girls at their head office loved Orelia so much the first Orelia concession launched in October 2008 in Topshop's flagship store, Oxford Circus.  Orelia had really arrived!


The first Orelia office was in Islington, but Brighton based Collette persuaded Louisa to re-locate to the South Coast and sunny Brighton.  We love Brighton so much Orelia now has both the Head Office and Distribution Centre based here on the sunshine coast.


Keeping true to Louisa and Collette's original ethos, the team at Orelia travel far and wide to find both perfect inspiration and perfect products – from South American markets to Thai beaches and Morroccan souks, Orelia is growing into a truly globally inspired brand.


We now have a growing team based at our head office, a brilliant store team who work tirelessly to make sure our products looks a vision of beauty in all the Topshop branches we are stocked in and finally, not forgetting the wonderful UK and International sales agents and distributors who share the same vision as we do and help make Orelia available to all the lovely independent boutiques across the UK and Internationally.

A group of beautiful like-minded and talented girls and boys are the Team at Orelia.


This is the story up to now....who knows where the journey will take us next.