The romantic fashion label Isla Ibiza Bonita is inspired by the Spanish island Ibiza and its hippy charisma. Isla Ibiza Bonita is a well-known and respected brand in the European childrens’ and ladies’ fashion industry. 

Besides a main summer and winter collection, the label brings additional collections in the form of a Communion collection for kids and a high summer collection for ladies. These collections are further enhanced by an accessory line of beautiful bags and unique jewelry.


amiga de Isla Ibiza Bonita

Amor Lola is the more youthful companion collection to Isla Ibiza Bonita – cheerful, urban and artistic.  Amor Lola is equally inspired by the island of Ibiza, but takes its inspiration from the youthful urban mix of cultures. 

Typical for this line are the beautiful tunics and vintage looking fabrics. Little details like tiny beads, special buttons and laces give the brand its own character. Amor Lola is for all age-groups and due to its comfortable fit makes it easier for all types of women to wear.