Our passion is finding inspiration from the past. We are explorers, unearthing lost memories and mementos to find the perfect
relic to reintroduce in our trademark vission. By using artisan methods to create and pour our products, we keep with the traditions of candle makers from another generation. When you light our hand poured candles, the fragrances transport you to times past en memories you have forgotten. We breath life and light into lost objects, making them found goods in a current marketplace.


Our mission is to offer our customers a high quality fragrance experience. We are committed to product innovation, sustainability and the environment. Our unique super-refined, food grade all naturel soy wax blend absorbs more fragrance oil than any other naturel candle wax available. Our special formulation burns claen and strong and can last up to twice as long as normal candles. Our fragrances are designedin-house with the assistance of the finest perfumers from around the world. In keeping our commitment to the environment, we use recycled materials where ever possible.


All DPM products are hand made in Starkville USA.